Project Empty Kennels: Training and Rehabilitation for a Better Life

Project Empty Kennels began in 2017, when Regional Animal Shelter and our friends at the Canine Stability Center started a one-of-a-king program that focused on volunteer training and rehabilitative therapy for dogs.

This program works to increase the well-being of the dogs in our care by using techniques that allow the dogs to better handle a stressful shelter environment.

Many of dogs that enter the shelter are coping with a high amount of instability in their life: they’re in a strange, often loud, environment surrounded by people and animals that they don’t know. Some of these dogs never knew a stable home at any time in their life, often suffering abuse at the hands of those they were supposed to trust. The our trained volunteers assist these dogs into settling into shelter life as comfortably as they can until their forever homes are found. For those that are unable to cope well in a shelter or foster home environment, they are able to go through rehabilitative training (Natural Dog Training method) which allows them to thrive in a home environment.

This. Program. Works! Every single smiling face that you see below has completed rehabilitative training and have been placed into loving, stable homes, getting the chance at a life that every animal deserves!


training class
Regional volunteers observe calming techniques with Zeke and trainer Mark Shuart.

A donation to this training program allows us to continue to help the dogs who need it most. Most of the dogs who have been through this program would have been euthanized in other shelters – we’re glad to say that we aren’t like other shelters and will fight for the chance for our dogs to have a better life.  Your contribution to the training program will help currently enrolled dogs as well as those that will come through our doors in the future. All donations to Regional Animal Shelter’s training program are tax deductible and are also eligible for corporate matches, so please give generously if you are able.

No matter the amount, all gifts are greatly appreciated and go directly to the care of our dogs enrolled in the training program. Thank you for helping us helping those that need it the most. You can make a secure online donation by clicking here