Dear Friends,

It is with very heavy hearts that we write this.

Our little love Pongo has lost her battle with cancer. Although she was pulled form a neglectful situation, we take comfort in knowing that her shelter family and this wonderful community made sure that she knew what it is like to be loved. The shelter volunteers and vet staff did everything possible to care for her, but she decided it was her time. We thank you for your kindness, compassion, and support for Pongo.

For those of you who have donated to Pongo’s care, you may have your funds returned to you or they can be placed into Annie’s Fund, which covers the care for animals which enter Regional in critical condition. Please PM us here or call the shelter at 518-725-5956.

Run free, sweet Pongo. We love you.

The Regional Family11145034_10153394513140170_8748444651927394692_n

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Mary Ellen McCormack – thank you for this beautiful tribute.