Hey, we’re THREE (and a day!!!)

It’s amazing how time flies, right?

We were so busy planning for a very exciting summer and playing with our furkids that we forgot to celebrate a very important day……our BIRTHDAY!!!!!westie.dog.ecard_sm

On May 18, 2012, Regional Animal Shelter officially opened the doors of the Annex to the public. And since then….wow!! We have met a lot of amazing dogs, who were just either visiting or waiting for their forever home. In fact, we’ve met over 400 of them…and have adopted over  150 of those dogs to their forever homes!! We have also had the extreme fortune of getting to know many outstanding individuals, families, and organizations that have supported us in every way possible, be it supporting our fund-raisers, donating, adopting, fostering, volunteering, and even just sharing pictures of our dogs and events on  on Facebook.  We are so blessed to be in our community – the city of Gloversville and its surrounding area has made it possible for Regional to do what we do for these dogs.

We hope that the next three years are as incredible as the first three! Thank you for being here with us!!