Happy Birthday to Us!!

Dear Friends and Family,

It’s hard to believe, but four years ago on this day, we opened our doors. It has been an amazing four years! We’ve had over 570 dogs come through our doors – over 240 of them have been adopted into new, loving homes! We are so thrilled that we have made it this far in four years. And we couldn’t have done it without the help and support of two very important groups.

The first group, of course, are our volunteers!! We are now 40+ strong, making sure the dogs and the shelter are taken care of and informing the world at countless events of just how awesome all of our dogs are!! These selfless folks give their time, sweat, and tears to make sure that the dogs at Regional have nothing but the best of care. We are proud to say that our volunteers are one big happy family, and together we can accomplish big things!

The second, and equally important group, are all of our supporters!!! That’s right….YOU!! Because of everyone in this community, we are able to help all of the animals that walk through our doors. Be it a bag of dog food, treats, towels, blankets, laundry soap – every donation is greatly appreciated and goes to good use! Every dollar that comes into our hands through donations or fundraising is used to keep our lights on, get our dogs much needed medical care, and make sure our kids have the best chance of succeeding in their new homes! We are always amazed at the over whelming support from our community, whether it be fixing our fence (YAY!!) or sending Zeke to get his much needed rehab (he goes up Thursday!!! Best birthday present EVER!!!!).  Most important are those of you who spread the word about who Regional is and what we do. It means so much, and it helps our dogs find their forever homes quickly!

While we have decided to keep our celebration low key this year, we have something fun up our sleeves for turning five. We still wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU because we can’t say it enough! Our friends and family are amazing, and Regional wouldn’t be what it is without of all of you. We might be small, but we’ve got a big heart, and it beats so strong because of every person that has supported us in the past and that will continue to support us in the future.

Happy birthday to us! Here’s to many more!

Renee and Sky