Announcing 5-15-50 Fridays!

We’re excited to announce the first $5-$15-$50 Fridays to Support Project Empty Kennels! During the month of July, a generous donor will match each dollar donated up to a total of $500- it’s a fabulous opportunity to double your impact!!

Project Empty Kennels is an amazing program that helps the most vulnerable dogs in our care. These dogs came to Regional needing extra assistance with learning how to best settle into a loving home life due to previous abuse and trauma. Many of these dogs would be euthanized in other shelters, which is why Project Empty Kennels is integral in Regional’s mission of remaining a no-kill shelter. With the support of our donors, we’ve been able to help many dogs and will continue to help many more!

The current program members are Heart and Journey. These girls are learning to process and overcome the abuse in their past so that they can have a better future.

Help us help these wonderful girls. Every dollar donated during $5-$15-$50 Fridays will support Heart and Journey as they continue on their path towards a happy life with a forever family. Please donate here, or visit us at for more information.