5/15/50 Fridays: Journey Edition

Once again it’s time for our 5-15-50 Friday in support of Project Empty Kennels!

We are so overwhelmed and grateful for all of the support that everyone has given this life-saving program! We can’t say thank you enough! Our very generous sponsor has raised the match amount to $1,000! We have raised an astounding $920 so far, which is almost to our $1,000 goal! That’s a lot of help for those that need it most – like our girl Journey.

This beautiful little lady was dumped in a parking lot by her family in the middle of winter. Journey spent three long, cold weeks on the run, looking for her family that abandoned her, before allowing herself to be caught and brought to the shelter.

Finally warm and with a full belly, Journey tried to settle into shelter life the best she could. Things were looking up for her, but she had such a hard time believing that humans wouldn’t suddenly take away the necessary comforts of good food and a warm bed. The shelter, although full of love, was not the place for her to be. We knew Journey needed some special help so that she could learn to trust that people would not ever deny her food and shelter, and we knew that Project Empty Kennels was the answer to her needs.

In other shelters, Journey would never have been given a second chance. She hasn’t been in the program long, but we’re beginning to see a more relaxed, trusting, happy girl that we’ve always dreamed of seeing at the shelter. Journey has a road of healing ahead of her, but we’ll be with her every step of the way.

Journey is two years old, is good with older kids but needs to be be the only pet. She needs a calm, loving home that will make sure that she never gets thrown out like yesterday’s trash ever again.

Help Regional continue to give dogs like Journey a chance to thrive in a home. Your support gives dogs like Journey a second chance at a life worth living, and we won’t stop believin’ that all dogs like her deserve a second chance.

As always, we thank you for your continued support of this life saving program!

To see more about Project Empty Kennels, go to https://www.regionalanimalshelter.org/support/training-and-rehabilitation/. To support our 5-15-50 campaign, please make a donation at https://www.regionalanimalshelter.org/5-15-50/