5-15-50 Fridays: Heart edition

Once again it’s time for our 5-15-50 Friday in support of Project Empty Kennels! A big HEARTfelt thank you to everyone who supported us last week! We have raised $230 so far, which is almost halfway to our $500 goal! We invite you to give as your budget and beliefs allow and remind you that your donation will be matched up to a total of $500!

So who does your donation help? Dogs like Heart!

Heart is a 5 year old female bully mix who equally loves outside adventures and snuggling on the couch.

This sweet, sweet girl had a very hard life before coming to Regional. She was found by her previous owner in the woods with a litter of puppies. He took in Heart and the puppies, soon after the puppies were sold too young and Heart was physically beaten. Not much later, she was dumped at the shelter.

Confused and scared, Heart quickly deteriorated. She could not cope with people she didn’t know or trust coming into the shelter, especially men. Our volunteers knew that Heart needed special help to heal from all that she had been through.

At any other shelter, Heart would have been euthanized. But not at Regional, thanks to Project Empty Kennels. Heart was able to enter the program so that she could learn how to trust people again! She’s been in the program for 7 months and now looking for her forever home – one where she will be cherished instead of used and thrown out. Our sweet girl now knows that humans will never let her down again. Due to her abusive past, she does have a hard time trusting new men. This can be overcome with patience and understanding, as some of her best friends are men!

Heart is looking for that perfect couch in that amazing home – we all know it’s out there. She’s got so much love to give that she needs to be the only pet.

Help Regional continue to give dogs like Heart a chance to thrive in a home. Your support gives dogs like Heart a second chance at a life worth living.

To see more about Project Empty Kennels, go to https://www.regionalanimalshelter.org/support/training-and-rehabilitation/. To support our 5-15-50 campaign, please make a donation here or at https://www.regionalanimalshelter.org/5-15-50/