We here at Regional Animal Shelter consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have the support of such a caring and generous community! Many individuals and organizations have organized supply drives and have donated funds so that we can care for our animals. Receiving donations of food, cleaning supplies, and blankets allows us to put the money we get to other uses, like getting medical care for our animals and building our new facility. We are very grateful for everyone’s support – here are a few of the donations which stand out!

 Kids that care
December 2013 – Owen Christman told his mom he didn’t want a lot for Christmas this year so she should use that money to donate to the dogs at the shelter. Owen went out and chose toys and treats for each of the dogs and made each one a stocking to hang on their kennel door. He even bought toys for Miss Kitty too! We are so proud of Owen for showing us all the true meaning of Christmas! Thank you, Owen!

September 2013 and 2012-  Local animal lover Faith McCoy decided that for both her 8th and 9th birthday that she’d rather give gifts than receive them. She asked her friends to bring pet and cleaning supplies instead of presents, and she donated them to Regional Animal Shelter during our Woofstock fundraisers! We are very thankful and incredibly proud of you! Please see her article here.

September 2012 – These amazing local children set up a lemonade stand recently and donated all of the money they earned to the Regional Animal Shelter! Thank you kids for helping us help the animals! You are the future rescuers of our community and we are so thankful and proud of you all!!!!! Thank you Julia Preston, Hailey Preston, Cole Preston, Abby Preston, Jack Preston, Hayden Zelich, and Hunter Zelich!

Amy Faustel and Sandy Lamica from CDPHP delivered an SUV full of donations collected at CDPHP in Albany this past Saturday, December 14, 2013. Regional Animal Shelter was chosen to be the recipient of their donation drive. When the SUV pulled up it was difficult to not be overwhelmed with emotion at the pure generosity of people. Strangers, people we never met, donated bags of dog food, canned food, treats, dog beds, cleaning supplies and much more to our shelter! Below you can see the boxes full of donations. So often we deal with the worst of humanity but it is moments like these that make us realize that there are so many wonderful, kind, caring people in this world. Thank you to Amy and Sandy and the staff at CDPHP for their kindness in helping the animals. We are grateful beyond words. Your donations will make getting through the cold winter months much easier!

Since that cold winter day in 2013, CDPHP has continued to support Regional with constant donations of food, treats, cleaning supplies, and even some beautiful Kuroda dog beds! And they’ve pledged to continue their supply drives for 2015!!! A big THANK YOU to the CDPHP family for your continuing support!!


Hands for Animals

The elves from Hands for Animals!
The elves from Hands for Animals!

Fulton Montgomery Community College’s Hands for Animals is an organization which reaches out to local area shelters, assisting with animal care, cleaning, and supply drives. They have come to the shelter many times throughout the semester to lend us a hand! Two members, Caitlan Leduc (left) and Taylor Young (right), stopped by the shelter on December 14th, 2013 with stockings full of goodies for the animals, and a donation to the shelter! Thanks to you and the rest of the club for helping our furry kids to have a wonderful Christmas!