What do you do with the money that I donate?

That’s a great question!

In 2016, we took in $82,000, $15,000 of which was generated by fundraising events. The remainder was directly donated by generous and compassionate individuals like you, and included our adoption and redemption fees.

In 2016, we spent $53,500. Almost half of our spending, $25,800, was on veterinary care and medicine for our pups. It cost $10,800 to keep the lights on, the pups warm, and the fence standing (thank you!). It cost $8,700 to run our office, $5,100 for advertising and fundraising expenses, and $3,100 for legal, accounting, and business-related fees.

We spent $0.00 on salaries!!
(And we’re pretty proud of that! That’s right – we scoop poop for fun!)

Every cent that gets donated goes directly to running the shelter and caring for our dogs!