Do you have a question for Regional Animal Shelter? FAQs

I want to see the dogs! How do I find the shelter?
We are located at 117 W. Fulton St. in Gloversville. Coming from the intersection of Main and Fulton Streets, head West on Fulton. Take a left into the GTS parking lot (after the first light and then after the Railyard restaurant) and drive to the back. You’ll see a green building with a fenced in yard – that’s us! There’s a map below for your reference. For some reason, GPS software tries to say you can get to the shelter via 3rd St…….you can’t! he shelter is accessible via West Fulton and Pine Sts. only!

Where do your dogs come from?
All of our of dogs enter the shelter as strays from the City of Gloversville. If a dog enters the shelter and is not redeemed in 5 days, we are then able to place them for adoption. We do not import dogs from out of state, as we believe the dogs in our own backyard need our assistance the most.

My dog got out. Do you have him?
Possibly. If your dog has been picked up by our ACO, then he will be brought to the shelter. Call us at (518) 725-5956 to check – if we are not open, call the Police Department at (518) 736-2100 and report your dog missing. If we don’t have him, please leave a description so if he is brought in, we can call you!

I found a stray or loose dog. Can you take him in?
Please report all found or loose dogs to the Gloversville Police Department at (518) 736-2100! We are legally unable to take in a stray animal without a police report.

Do you take in cats or kittens?
At this time, we do not take in cats because we do not have a safe space for cats. This is a service we will offer when our new facility is completed.

I can no longer take care of my dog. Do you accept surrenders?
At this time, we cannot accept surrenders because we do not yet have the space. This is a service we will offer when our new facility is completed.

Do you board animals?
At this time, we cannot board animals because we do not have the space. This is a service we will offer when our new facility is completed.

Do you perform vaccinations?
We vaccinate dogs as they are brought into the shelter for the safety of our shelter’s residents. We are unable to vaccinate for the general public. Please see your veterinarian for vaccinations. If you do not have a vet, there is a list of local vets here.

I need to license my dog and I can’t get to the City Clerk’s office Can I get one from you?
Yes, you can! Stop by the shelter and we’ll be able to get you a dog license. We need valid proof of rabies vaccination (the certificate) before we are able to license. If you do not have one, please visit your veterinarian or attend a local vaccination clinic to get one. The fee, set by the City of Gloversville, is $10.00 for altered dogs and $20.00 for unaltered dogs. All licenses are good for one year.