Why do you only have dogs at Regional?

Space, plain and simple. With our shelter being under 600 square feet (yes, we really are that small!), we do not have a safe, calm, dog-free place for kitties to call home while they await their new family. We do occasionally have cats, but only when we have available fosters since there is no safe space for cats in our shelter. Once we build our new facility, we will have safe cat accommodations for our loving feline friends. If you would like us to move closer to our goal of building a new shelter so that we can help all animals, please consider making a donation.

Where do your dogs come from?

Our dogs enter the shelter as strays. Because we are so small, we do not take owner surrenders. Again, once we build a new facility, this is a service we plan to offer to our community.

Enough of this, I want to see the puppies!!

Well then, click here, or come visit (because puppies** are more awesome in person)!!!


**Disclaimer – any dog lover will tell you that any dog, regardless of age, is still called “puppy” by any human that loves them.